Brett Best

Working with Agencies to Achieve and Maintain Professional Standards

Are you feeling the pressure from agencies to reduce your fees or working conditions? Does it have to be a ‘them and us’ scenario? How can we work together? Join Brett and Linguistpd for constructive ways to work with agencies.

Wendy Ledeux

Ethics – Open to Interpretation?

Whether you’re mid training or been qualified for a number of years, dilemmas are a regular occurrence. Learn how to examine the decisions you make and the approach you take to your professional practice.

Robyn K Dean PhD

Speak and Ye Shall Find: How Interpreting Creates Barriers in Ethical Reasoning Skills

What cognitive biases could be screwing up your decision making? Robyn discusses this question and more including sharing her findings from her PhD data from investigating the ethical reasoning abilities of studied sign language interpreters


Ethics & Ethical Reasoning

4 hours of in-depth training on your ethical dilemmas

Sue Leschen LL B: BA; DPSI

Business Clinic

How hot are your business skills? Are you challenged by a competitive climate? How do you handle negotiations with agencies or clients? Sue shares her years of experience as a lawyer linguist as well as some insights into spoken language interpreting

Wesley Mehaffy

The World Wide Web — Interpreting with Web Designers & Developers

Interpreted for clients who are are back-end or front-end developers, web designers or digital content editors and would like to understand a bit more of the terminology they use? Want to pick up some tips for your own website? Join us!