Poppi Hallett

GDPR As A Freelancer - Are you Compliant?

Learn the main points of GDPR in plain English! How it impacts you as a freelancer, how you begin to assess your compliance and how to work towards being compliant. Exercises and templates will help you apply the theory to your business.

Caron Wolfenden

BSL interpreted Webinar: Working with Deaf Professionals - Power & Privilege

Caron will explore the highs and lows of working with Deaf professionals. Looking at a variety of settings, Caron will discuss the interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics and how we can foster positive working relationships

Dr Jules Dickinson PhD

Professional Practice & Shame Resilience

‘I’m just not good enough!’ We will examine the issue of shame, with a specific focus on how feelings of shame and inadequacy can impact relationships interpreters have with their deaf and hearing clients. (.2 General Studies CEUs)

Kellyeanne Norrod

Working as an interpreter in other countries: America

What can we learn from the training and practice of our American Sign Language Counterparts? We discuss many topics including video relay interpreting, legal interpreting, self-evaluation and consecutive interpreting.

Aurelia Nana Gassa Gonga

Working as an interpreter in other countries: France

What can we learn from our French sign language interpreting colleagues? What's the interpreting climate like? Aurelia will give us an insight into the challenges and successes facing French sign language interpreters as well as her PhD research.

Dr Wendy McIntosh PhD

Course: Professional Boundaries - maintaining wellbeing for you and your clients

This subtitled course will discuss how to maintain healthy professional-client boundaries. It will examine vicarious trauma and transference. Quizzes and exercises will help you apply the course to your professional practice.