Self care - Vicarious Trauma & Shame Resilience (Dual webinar bundle)

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4 hours of structured CPD & materials for further unstructured learning

Working with clients in various settings day in day out can take its toll. Take some time to look after yourself with two of our self-care webinars:

Vicarious Trauma - Avoid Reliving Your clients' Experience


Professional Practice & Shame Resilience

In Vicarious Trauma - Avoid Reliving Your clients' Experience, Dr Wendy McIntosh helps us to examine why as professionals we can take our work home and find it hard to detach from our clients. Also known as compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma causes us to feel intense emotional residue from our clients who may have been through traumatic events. Wendy helps us find strategies to prevent or minimise these feelings and understand why they happen.

Judith says : “Have just watched this webinar. Totally blown away by it. Gave me lots of food for thought”. We know you'll enjoy it too! 

Dr Jules Dickinson helps us to take a balanced view of our critical self in Professional Practice & Shame Resilience. Where do these feelings of "I'm just not good enough!" come from? How can we manage them so they do not interfere with our performance or our wellbeing? In this webinar you'll learn practical strategies to build resilience to shame and hear valuable contributions from your colleagues. 

Feedback for this webinar has been overwhelming! Here's what one of our live attendees had to say:

 "I would like to say a big 'thank-you' for this particular training – as a recently qualified interpreter it is such a relief to realise that I'm not the only one who has feelings of self-doubt with an increasingly loud gremlin voice!" 

Self care - Vicarious Trauma & Shame Resilience (Dual webinar bundle) includes these courses

Vicarious Trauma - Avoid Reliving Your Client's Experience
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Professional Practice & Shame Resilience
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