Byron Campbell

Webinar: Legal Interpreting - what's the worst that could happen?

'What if I make a mistake in court/the police station? What if I don’t understand the deaf person? What if …?' Byron looks at some of the language and translation issues that commonly arise in these settings and a variety of coping strategies.

Poppi Hallett

GDPR As A Freelancer - Are you Compliant?

Learn the main points of GDPR in plain English! How it impacts you as a freelancer, how you begin to assess your compliance and how to work towards being compliant. Exercises and templates will help you apply the theory to your business.

Dr Wendy McIntosh PhD

Vicarious Trauma - Avoid Reliving Your Client's Experience

When working with clients suffering trauma, we can feel an emotional residue, stress, weariness and lose our zest for life. Why does it happen? As empathetic professionals, how do we protect ourselves from vicarious trauma, or minimise its effects?

Vicky Pannell

Interpreting on the Ward

Vicky discusses working with Deaf professionals in a medical setting along with its specific challenges, interpreting for Deaf patients on a ward and interpreting during a birth.

Dr Wendy McIntosh PhD

Advancing the Work of Personal Reflection: Looking After Your Limbic System

Dr McIntosh continues her series of webinars by addressing our body’s reaction to stress. How can our limbic system help us take care of ourselves at work? What is compassion fatigue and how do we address it?

Dr Wendy McIntosh PhD

Course: Professional Boundaries - maintaining wellbeing for you and your clients

This subtitled course will discuss how to maintain healthy professional-client boundaries. It will examine vicarious trauma and transference. Quizzes and exercises will help you apply the course to your professional practice.