Interpreting on the Ward

taught by Vicky Pannell | taught by Vicky Pannell

Course description

Vicky discusses working with Deaf professionals in a medical setting along with its specific challenges, interpreting for Deaf patients on a ward and interpreting during a birth.
Vicky  Pannell
Vicky Pannell

Vicky Pannell (Nee Nunn) qualified as a sign language interpreter in 2009. She has experience interpreting in a variety of different domains such as office, medical, theatre, and education amongst others. You will likely recognise her from her on stage interpreting in the West End theatres of London and music festivals such as Glastonbury. However, Vicky has always had a passion for community and medical interpreting. 

Vicky has a particular interest in the dynamic between interpreters and Deaf professionals – particularly when working with the same person for a long time and discusses this working relationship in her webinar: 'Interpreting on the ward'. Vicky looks at working with Deaf professionals in a medical setting and the particular challenges this raises, and also discusses interpreting for Deaf patients in hospital.

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