Supervision for Professionals Working with Deaf People

taught by Omoyele Thomas

Course description

Are you a registered or trainee interpreter/STTR/Notetaker/lipspeaker? Have you been considering the value of individual/group supervision but wonder if it’s worth the time and money? Well now’s your chance to find out if it’s for you!

What place does supervision have for professionals in our industry? How can it help you? What is the difference between mentoring and supervision?

This webinar is an opportunity to explore professional supervision and its importance in improving not only your professional practice and development, but also your general wellbeing.


Learning Outcomes:

  • An understanding of why supervision is essential for professionals working with Deaf people
  • An understanding of the functions and different types of supervision
  • How to prepare for it
  • What to expect from a supervisor and how to find one

This course is available for 90 days from the date you purchased it.

Omoyele Thomas
Omoyele Thomas

I have worked as a Freelance BSL/English Interpreter since graduating in 2002. I have worked as a Community Interpreter covering areas such as medical appointments, staff meetings, conferences and so on. I have worked within specialist areas such as Mental Health domains, Music Festivals, Colleges, Universities, Police, Courts and so on.

Having had over 16 years experience in the field, I realised the need to progress further within my career and embarked upon the Diploma in Supervision for Sign Language Interpreters and Allied Health Professionals. I gained my Qualification in November 2015.

The reason I decided to become a Supervisor was through my own experiences of having nowhere to turn to discuss work related issues that affected me personally and know the damaging effects this can have on a person. Since commencing supervision, I have not looked back!

I offer services as a Professional Supervisor where I provide a non-judgemental safe, space to explore issues, dilemmas, traumatic work experiences and so on. If it is work related, then this is the place to bring it to reflect upon in order to function more efficiently within your role. If you feel you carry too much from your work with you, then supervision is the place to offload it. I am passionate about supervision and feel it is a necessity for any person within the 'helping professions.'

I provide Professional Supervision on an individual and group basis. Individual sessions are offered in person or via Skype. Group sessions are all face to face sessions. Sessions run between 1hr - 2hrs for individual sessions and 2hrs-3hrs for group sessions dependent on numbers of attendees.
Sessions are booked in the diary every 4-6 weeks.

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