CEU webinar - Professional Practice & Shame Resilience

.2 General Studies | taught by Dr Jules Dickinson PhD

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‘I’m just not good enough!’ 

In the course of your professional practice you may have heard a colleague say this, or you may even have said it yourself. This feeling of not being good enough is rooted in shame. This webinar will examine the issue of shame, with a specific focus on how feelings of shame and inadequacy can impact on the relationships interpreters have with their deaf and hearing clients.

We will take a detailed look at where shame can originate from and how it affects us. We will consider how we can recognise feelings of shame and what our individual triggers might be. I will detail how interpreters can be alert to feelings of shame within interpreted interaction. Finally we will explore how we can manage these feelings when they arise, and how we can build resilience to shame.

This course is available for 90 days from the date you purchased it.

Dr Jules Dickinson PhD
Dr Jules Dickinson PhD

Having worked as community interpreter for over 15 years, Jules has a wide range of interpreting experience across a variety of settings. Her interest in the workplace interpreter’s role led to a PhD at Heriot-Watt University, U.K. Her ground-breaking ethnographic research examined the ways in which the interpreter impacts upon the interaction between Deaf and hearing employees, with a focus on the use of humour and small talk in team meetings.

Jules continues to support the development of the interpreting profession as a teacher, trainer, research-practitioner and a Professional Supervisor. Jules has published extensively on issues relevant to workplace interpreting. Jules has presented aspects of her research at Gallaudet University and her PhD has recently been republished by Gallaudet University Press


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