Byron Campbell

Interpreting in Medical Settings - Are We Really Prepared?

Medical interpreting is both challenging and rewarding. It’s a domain we don’t enter into lightly and there are serious consequences to our actions as professionals. Join us to develop knowledge and understanding to provide a better service.

D/Sgt Emma Gilbert

Interpreting in Police Settings - The Police Perspective

What is interpreting like from a police perspective? What types of interviews would you be called to interpret for? What national and global issues might impact upon our future work? Find answers to these questions and more.

Sarah Gatford

Performance Interpreting: A Foot in Both Worlds

As a performance interpreter how do you convey a performance written for a hearing audience, to Deaf theatregoers? Join us as we discuss the theatre interpreting process from the moment you receive the booking enquiry to post-performance reflection.

Dr Jules Dickinson PhD

'I was only joking!' - Interpreting Humour in Workplace Settings

Workplace humour is a vital part of work life. However, it’s not easy to interpret. What strategies can we employ to deal with the differences between Deaf and Hearing humour? What is the play frame? Dr Dickinson covers this and so much more.


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