Jill Guest

CEU webinar - Psychological Games: When We Play Them and Who We Play Them With - CEUs

Drawing upon the theory of Transactional Analysis, this webinar is an opportunity to help you reflect upon those moments when you leave an interpreting assignment and you just don't know what went wrong... (.2 Professional Studies CEUs)

Jane Coy-Terry

CEU Webinar: Occupational Therapy in Adult Mental Health - US Learners

You get booked to interpret within an Occupational Therapy (OT) session. What is expected of you? What are the challenges? What is OT?! Learn how to work with an OT both in mental health and other domains.

Rob Chalk

Mental Health Interpreting - Children and Adolescents

How do you prepare yourself to work in a CAMHS setting? What kind of language will you come across? How do you know if you’re suited to this domain? … All these questions and more were answered in our lively webinar.

Brett Best

Voicing Strategies for the Interpreter's Toolbox: What We Can Learn from International Sign Interpreting

Case study research applicable and of interest to both BSL & ASL/English interpreters showing usable strategies. The strategies identified are techniques that many sign language interpreters do or could use in their everyday work.

Dr Wendy McIntosh PhD

CEU webinar - Advancing the Work of Personal Reflection - Looking After Your Limbic System - CEUs

Dr McIntosh continues her series of webinars by addressing our body’s reaction to stress. How can our limbic system help us take care of ourselves at work? What is compassion fatigue and how do we address it? (.2 General Studies CEUs)

Dr Jules Dickinson PhD

CEU webinar - Professional Practice & Shame Resilience

‘I’m just not good enough!’ We will examine the issue of shame, with a specific focus on how feelings of shame and inadequacy can impact relationships interpreters have with their deaf and hearing clients. (.2 General Studies CEUs)