Helen Fuller

Webinar: English for Interpreters - non US students

Helen Fuller

Webinar: English for Interpreters - US students

Jill Carroll (Guest)

Webinar: Interpreting Counselling/Psychotherapy Sessions


Dual webinar bundle: Police & Legal Interpreting

4+ hours of structured learning and material for further study!

Vicky Pannell

Interpreting on the Ward

Vicky discusses working with Deaf professionals in a medical setting along with its specific challenges, interpreting for Deaf patients on a ward and interpreting during a birth.

Byron Campbell

Webinar: Legal Interpreting - what's the worst that could happen?

'What if I make a mistake in court/the police station? What if I don’t understand the deaf person? What if …?' Byron looks at some of the language and translation issues that commonly arise in these settings and a variety of coping strategies.