Jill Carroll (Guest)

Webinar: Interpreting Counselling/Psychotherapy Sessions


Dual webinar bundle: Police & Legal Interpreting

4+ hours of structured learning and material for further study!

Caron Wolfenden

BSL interpreted Webinar: Working with Deaf Professionals - Power & Privilege

Caron will explore the highs and lows of working with Deaf professionals. Looking at a variety of settings, Caron will discuss the interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics and how we can foster positive working relationships

Vicky Pannell

Interpreting on the Ward

Vicky discusses working with Deaf professionals in a medical setting along with its specific challenges, interpreting for Deaf patients on a ward and interpreting during a birth.

Byron Campbell

Webinar: Legal Interpreting - what's the worst that could happen?

'What if I make a mistake in court/the police station? What if I don’t understand the deaf person? What if …?' Byron looks at some of the language and translation issues that commonly arise in these settings and a variety of coping strategies.

Jill Guest

Psychological Games: When We Play Them and Who We Play Them With

Drawing upon the theory of Transactional Analysis, this webinar is an opportunity to help you reflect upon those moments when you leave an interpreting assignment and you just don't know what went wrong...