Course Description

BSL-Interpreted webinar: 

Interpreting in social services and with vulnerable adults brings its own demands and requires you to employ specific controls. There are procedures which must be adhered to and specific jargon interpreters will need to be familiar with.

If you have concerns about a Deaf client, who do you report them to and how?

During this live webinar you'll learn about the safeguarding of vulnerable adults legalities and typical meetings you may be asked to interpret - from information gathering to Multi-Agency Safeguarding Adult Strategy Meetings. You'll understand what constitutes a vulnerable adult so that you can consider the implications on your practice.


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We are delighted to welcome Ella Savell-Boss, an NSPCC Accredited Safeguarding Trainer, previous Children’s Services Manager and Director of Safeguarding. Ella is an international safeguarding trainer and we look forward to benefiting from her experience and wealth of knowledge.

Learning outcomes:

  1. To understand safeguarding issues that vulnerable adults may face
  2. Legislation and guidance regarding safeguarding vulnerable adults
    Understanding of typical meetings you may be asked to interpret in the safeguarding arena
  3. An opportunity to reflect on ethical dilemmas you may be faced with as an interpreter working with vulnerable adults


Safeguarding Trainer and Consultant Ella Savell-Boss

Ella delivers training sessions and keynotes and chairs national safeguarding conferences. She also supports schools all over world as well as a number of organisations throughout the UK who work with young people and vulnerable adults. Ella has worked in one of the most deprived areas within the UK and with some of the most vulnerable children and families. Ella’s approach is all about providing practical advice to enable professionals to fulfil their roles as effectively as possible. Ella is able to cover all policy related aspects that are appropriate and relevant, however, her focus is always on delivering practical support that will help professionals safeguard vulnerable children and families and achieve the most positive outcomes for all. Ella is a qualified person centred and gestalt counsellor and supports organisations in providing emotional health and wellbeing support to staff through training and supervision. Ella was the Director of Safeguarding for a large Multi Academy Trust and now works as an NSPCC accredited safeguarding trainer and consultant and NSPCC Associate. Ella provides service level agreements for schools and organisations and supports a number of schools with children with disability. Ella provides Safeguarding Supervision to many safeguarding leads to support them and provide quality assurance when managing complex safeguarding and child protection cases. Ella’s knowledge and understanding ensure she is best placed to provide all round safeguarding support to organisations working with any age group. Ella presents webinars on child protection and safeguarding for vulnerable adults for Linguistpd.

Course curriculum

    1. Learner Terms & Conditions

    2. Safeguarding Adults Learner slides

    1. Safeguarding Adults Webinar Part 1

    1. Safeguarding Adults Webinar Part 2

    2. Exercise - Breakout Session Scenarios

    1. Safeguarding adults webinar part 3

    2. Training on interpreter ethics


About this course

  • £25.00
  • 14 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

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