Interpreting in Police Settings - The Police Perspective Part 2

Audio recording with video resources | taught by D.I. Emma Gilbert
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Course Curriculum

Progress on the PLOD initiative and Deaf Awareness for Police officers
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Course description

Wendy meets DI Emma Gilbert again to find out what progress has been made regarding aspects of Police Interpreting and access for Deaf people to Police Forces. 

We discuss intermediaries, Child Protection resources available in BSL for children and parents, access to the 999/101 services and more. 

Please note: This course is an audio recording with video resources. 

Learning Outcomes:

  1. A knowledge of further developments within Police Interpreting
  2. Awareness of the role of an intermediary in police and court settings
  3. How video relay services are being introduced to Police forces
  4. An update on the Police Liaison Officers for Deaf People (PLOD) initiative
  5. Additional resources relating to Police Interpreting to further your CPD.

Completion of this course will give you a minimum of 2 hours' structured CPD points. You will also be provided with a number of resources for you to gain further unstructured CPD points. 

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D.I. Emma Gilbert
D.I. Emma Gilbert
Detective Inspector

Emma Gilbert is a Detective Inspector, currently serving with Greater Manchester Police, with extensive experience of response, community and criminal investigation policing. She has specialised in child protection, youth offending interventions and the safeguarding of children and young people.

In addition to these duties, Emma manages the UK’s innovative Police Link Officers for Deaf people (PLOD) scheme and manages a team of police officers and police staff trained at various levels of BSL and Deaf Awareness and which aims to make police services accessible to all D/deaf people.

Emma is also a Director of the DeafKidz International (DKI) charity which responds to the needs of deaf children and young people in low resource settings around the world.  A vigorous champion for the rights of D/deaf people, Emma is working to introduce the concept of PLOD to all UK Police forces and, in partnership with DeafKidz International, policing agencies in South Africa, Kenya and Jamaica.