Advancing the Work of Personal Reflection: Looking After Your Limbic System

taught by Dr Wendy McIntosh PhD

Course description

Are we at risk of suffering from compassion fatigue? How do we deal with day-to-day stress at work?

The brain’s limbic system involves our motivation, emotion, learning and memory.  In this webinar Dr McIntosh guides us through the limbic system and explores how it can aid our wellbeing at work.  This webinar is suitable for professionals of various disciplines working with Deaf people.

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Dr Wendy  McIntosh PhD
Dr Wendy McIntosh PhD

Dr Wendy H McIntosh PhD has over 30 years’ experience as a psychiatric nurse and has worked in a range of roles as a clinician, researcher and educator. She is a passionate advocate for professional wellbeing and works with both individuals and groups.

Dr McIntosh is based in Australia and is the perfect example of how an international classroom can be so beneficial.She provides us with a fantastic insight in research and experience of professionals in other fields. This is cross-disciplinary and cross-continent learning at it's best!

The theme of professional boundaries is one area of practice that Wendy has been developing for many years. She recognises that when good boundaries are in place for everyone (professional client, family and colleagues) then well being is positively affected. Wendy is now Director of her own company, Davaar Consultancy, and she conducts workshops wherever there is an invite to travel to. Wendy has been a trainee of psychodrama since 1990 and likes to bring an element of surprise and spontaneity into all aspects of her work.

Wendy has been a popular trainer at Linguistpd, returning by request to train on a number of subjects including:

  1. Professional-Client Boundaries
  2. Transference & Counter Transference
  3. Vicarious Trauma
  4. Looking after your limbic system (the body's response to stress)

Course Curriculum

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