CEU webinar: Occupational Therapy in Adult Mental Health - US Learners

Accredited for 0.2 General Studies CEUs | taught by Jane Coy-Terry

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You get booked to interpret within an Occupational Therapy (OT) session. What is expected of you? What are the challenges? What is OT?!

OT sessions can be fun, practical and interesting sessions to be a part of but it is important to understand the rationale behind the profession and what the therapist will expect from you.  This webinar will take you through what OT actually is, the different sessions you may be asked to interpret, the possible expected aims of a the session and the challenges as an interpreter you may experience. Jane will also discuss how to prepare for an OT session and how to overcome challenges.

This course is available for 90 days from the date you purchased it.

Jane Coy-Terry
Jane Coy-Terry
Occupational Therapist

I qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2010 after needing a change from my previous career in the finance industry. I knew from the beginning that I had a passion for working in mental health and quickly started working in my area of interest after completing the obligatory rotations as a Band 5. Since then I have worked in mental health within the NHS and also for 3 years as a Lead OT for a private hospital.

I started learning BSL in 2012 after meeting a Deaf friend and I fell in love with the language! I then started working as the Senior OT for National Deaf Services (NDS) on their London-based adult inpatient ward, Bluebell Ward, in September 2014. From there I then transferred to the NDS community team in October 2016 where I continue to work.

I have recently successfully completed my Level 3 BSL qualification and I am hoping to start Level 6 in the next year.


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