Voiceover - finding the story behind the signs

The first of two webinars on this subject | taught by Clare Seal

Course description

This webinar is the first of two parts seeking to give working interpreters (both trainees and qualified) confidence and practical techniques for translating into spoken English. 

We have been talking most of our lives so why does it often seem so scary? Clare will share some of her techniques developed from her creative writing life to assist us in reducing anxiety around voiceover jobs.

Clare will also discuss how thinking about English – and how it is used in its aural form – can assist us in our voiceover.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the webinar the learner should:

  • Have an understanding of techniques to improve spoken English
  • Be assisted to improve their confidence in voiceover
  • Understand classic storytelling structure and features and how they can be used to enhance our voiceover.

If you enjoy this, you’ll certainly benefit from the recording of Clare’s follow up webinar:

Telling the Story – developing advanced skills in BSL to English interpreting

This course is available for 90 days from the date you purchased it.

Clare Seal
Clare Seal
MA, MASLI, RSLI and ASLI Trained Mentor

Clare works across Devon (and the South West) as a freelance interpreter, having qualified with a PG Diploma in English/BSL Interpreting from UCLAN/SLI in 2005. She trained as an ASLI Mentor in 2008 and is now experienced in many domains, such as medical, educational, legal and social care settings. She also works in a variety of business, arts and industry settings.

Prior to training as an interpreter, Clare worked in various jobs including social care and community theatre. In 2000, she graduated with a Masters Degree in Creative Writing from Plymouth University, completing her thesis on writing for radio. BBC Radio 4 subsequently broadcast a number of her short stories and radio dramas.

Clare still writes for pleasure and is delighted to be leading a webinar that will explore how the skills of creative writing can help all interpreters to voice the stories that Deaf people tell.

For more information about Clare, her writing and recent short film in BSL, please visit her blog.


Clare presents the following webinars:

Voiceover; finding the story behind the signs

Telling the Story; developing advanced skills in BSL to English interpreting


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